DJ at Club FAUST, Seoul, South Korea

Released on Ameniia Records, Diffuse Reality, DREPT, The Orchestra Collective

2020, ‘Faust 2020 Europe Tour’, Muffatwerk, Griessmuhle, Red Light Radio, PAL

2019, ‘EDC Korea’ Festival, Seoul, South Korea

2019, ‘Dutch Design Week Official Closing Party’, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2019, ‘King-S Festival’, Klokgevouw, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2018, ‘UMF Japan’ Festival, Tokyo, Japan

2018, ‘Extrema Outdoor Belgium’ Festival, Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium

2016, ‘ADE Andaz Unplugged’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016, ‘UMF Korea’ Festival, Seoul, South Korea

2016, ‘Redbull THRE3STYLE University’ Winner, South Korea